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1851 Seamen's Crewlists - Vessels registered in Scottish Ports. These lists and agreements (National Archives: PRO BT 98) are intended to find many of those involved in merchant shipping who cannot be located on the 1851 census because they simply were not at home to be enumerated. Some were at sea or at ports in the British Isles many miles from home and some were not even in the country. Details given include age, place of birth, rank and ticket number, previous and current ships with ports of registration, dates and places of joining and leaving, reason for leaving. The files are in Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format (.PDF). The files are also compatible with Apple MAC and UNIX if you already have the Reader software or download it from

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Personal and career details of men on vessels registered in all ports of Wales Includes free Surname Master Index for Scotland, Ireland & Wales...

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