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Military Courts, 1879-1994

Compiled by Stuart Tamblin from records of the Royal Navy 1911-1965; Royal Air Force 1941-1994; Army 1879-1986; Soldiers Executed 1914-1920...

Supplied by: Family History Indexes Product Ref: FHI-SF_CDMC

PRONames 1, 2 & 3

Three best-selling indexes to miscellaneous personal names (1605-1994) on one CD. Each is an A to Z collection covering the whole UK and they amount to 36,800 records. A wide variety of sources is covered, with particular emphasis on the 19th/20th centuries and Naval & Military topics. Database fields include Name, Rank, Number, Regiment/Ship, Date, National Archives Document Reference in full....

Supplied by: Family History Indexes Product Ref: FHI-SF-CDPN123

The Dambusters, 1943

Compiled by Stuart Tamblin, giving an account of each aircraft's flight, full crew list, details of awards....

Supplied by: Family History Indexes Product Ref: FHI-SF_CDDB

Titanic People

Biographies of all on board for the maiden voyage in 1912. Written by Craig Stringer. Over 1,600 pages on CD - 16 years' work by an acknowledged expert in the field. Information about the lives and fates of First Class Passengers, Third Class Passengers, the Captain, the Greasers and the Glory-Hole Stewards. Fully indexed. Some tremendous stories! Files are in Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Forma...

Supplied by: Family History Indexes Product Ref: FHI-SF_CDTP

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