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A History of the Consecration of Churches and Churchyards.

By R.W. Muncey, M.A. Published in 1929. A study of the subject from the earliest times dealing with the evidence for the existence of Churches during the first three centuries, the Rite of Consecration of Churches in the Early Church, Relics, Canons and Decrees of Councils relative to the Consecration of Churches and other Ceremonies. Machine Searchable. A digital version of ...

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A Practical Treatise on The Law relating to The Church and The Clergy.

By Henry William Cripps, M.A. Of the Middle Temple, Barrister at Law, and Late Fellow of New College, Oxford. Published in 1850. Covers the differences between vicars, rectors etc.. The rights, privileges and duties of ecclesiastical persons. Seats and pews in church, plus chapters on Baptism, Marriage and Burial, etc. Of interest to family historians, local historians and ecclesias...

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Parish Registers in England

Their history and contents. With suggestions for securing their better custody and preservation. By R.E. Chester Waters. Published in 1883. Chester Waters attempt at an exhaustive history of parish registers in England. This book being his revision and expansion of an essay written twelve years previously. It covers, with examples, the wide range of topics covered in parish re...

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Suggestions for the Guidance of the Clergy, with Reference to the Marriage Registration Acts

Published 1904. A short book issued by the Registrar-General in 1904 for the guidance of the clergy relative to the duties imposed upon them by the Marriage and Registration Acts. This book forms a guide to the filling in of the marriage register. Includes instructions for the correction of errors. There are also sections on Burials under the Registration Act of 1874 ; Burial of ...

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The Book of Church Law

By the Rev. John Henry Blunt, D.D. Published in 1899. A fascinating description of the legal rights and duties of the parochial clergy and laity of the Church of England. Incorporates six books with chapters on many subjects, including - churches and churchyards, holy orders, baptism, marriage, burial, churchwardens etc. Complete with an appendix of relevant Acts. A us...

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The Handy Book of Parish Law

By W.A. Holdsworth, Esq. of Gray’s Inn, Barrister-at-Law. A popular and practical statement of the most important portions of parochial law - that great system of local self-government which is the foundation of English freedom. Written by W.A. Holdsworth. New and revised edition, published in 1886. Includes 35 chapters on many subjects including - the parish church, co...

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