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A Gypsy Bibliography.

By George F. Black, Ph.D. Published in 1913. An early bibliography giving account of the literature relating to the Gypsies - good, bad and indifferent. Including books and pamphlets, papers in the proceedings of societies or periodicals, magazine articles and important references in books dealing principally with other subjects, etc. Machine Searchable. A digital version of the...

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A Historical Survey of the Gypsies.

By John Hoyland. Published in 1816. This survey is an account of the Gypsies in various countries of Europe, including France, Italy plus England and Scotland. It looks into the possibility of their origins being in India and the reasons for the thinking behind the calling them Egyptians. Includes a number of brief lists of Gypsy words with the equivalent Hindostani, Turkish or Engl...

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Romano Lavo-Lil Word Book of the Romany or, English Gypsy language.

By George Borrow. Published in 1908. An alphabetical list of Gypsy words with meanings, illustrative of the way of speaking and thinking of the Gypsies. With specimens of gypsy poetry, and an account of certain gypsyries or places inhabited by them, and of various things relating to gypsy life in England. Useful reference for all researching Gypsy ancestors. Machine Searchable. ...

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