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Paupers in Workhouses Ordered by The House of Commons to be printed 30 July 1861.

Returns "from each workhouse in England & Wales, of the name of every adult pauper in each workhouse who has been an inmate of the workhouse during a continuous period of five years; stating the amount of time that each of such inmates shall have been in the workhouse, and the reason assigned why such persons are unable to maintain themselves:" This cd contains the full return arranged by coun...

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Records of The County of Wilts. being extracts from the Quarter Sessions Great Rolls of the Seventeenth Century.

Extracted and edited by B. Howars Cunnington, F.S.A. Published 1932. A fascinating collection of extracts from the Wiltshire Quarter Sessions records, including detail about crimes and the proceedings of local government in an eventful century of Civil War, plague and religious problems. Many names are mentioned. Useful for family history and local history. Machine Searchable. ...

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The Catholic Record Society Miscellanea V

Published in 1909. Miscellanea V includes - Abbess Neville's Annals of Five Communities of English Benedictine Nuns in Flanders 1598-1687. The Will of Christopher Stonehouse of Dunsley, Whitby c.1564-1631.A List of Convicted Recusants in the Reign of King Charles II (arranged by county). Covering - Bedfordshire, Berkshire, Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire, Dorsetshire, Essex, Hertfordsh...

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