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Balliol College, Register, 1832-1914.

Edited by Edward Hilliard. Published 1914. This Register represents a 'Who's [email protected] of Balliol men now living (1914), containing details of their careers at College and at University. Arranged alphabetically. Plus the Roll of Balliol College, Oxford, taken from the admission book, revised to 1914. Professions include : Barristers, Clergymen, Indian Civil Servants, Readers, Lecturers,...

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Keble College Register, Oxford.

Compiled by Major O.C. C. Nicolls for the Keble Association. Published 1927. Comprising inter alia, Lists of Council, Wardens, Bursars and Tutors, Bishops, Livings, Scholars, Exhibitioners, First Class Honours, Presidents of Clubs and Societies, Skeleton Key of Jubilee Panorama and an Athletic Record including Internationals, Blues and Teams of all the principal Games, together with a Chart...

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Paupers in Workhouses Ordered by The House of Commons to be printed 30 July 1861.

Returns "from each workhouse in England & Wales, of the name of every adult pauper in each workhouse who has been an inmate of the workhouse during a continuous period of five years; stating the amount of time that each of such inmates shall have been in the workhouse, and the reason assigned why such persons are unable to maintain themselves:" This cd contains the full return arranged by coun...

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Radley College Register 1847 - 1904.

Published in 1905. This register of Radley College, Oxfordshire, covers the years 1847-1904. In addition to the biographical details about the scholars, there are also listings of Wardens, Fellows and Assistant Masters, various sporting teams, prize winners and a list of those who served in the Boer War. Complete with a useful index of names. Machine Searchable. A digital versi...

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Rectors & Fellows, Exeter College, Oxford by the Rev. Charles William Boase M.A., published in 1879

Oxford University is one of the most famous in the world. This Register contains excellent biographical details about the Rectors and Fellows (1318-1876), Scholars, Exhibitioners and Bible Clerks (1713-1878), of Exeter College Oxford. Accompanied by a history of the College and a useful index. Machine Searchable. A digital version of the original book, in PDF format. Viewable o...

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Recusant Roll No. 1., 1592-3.

Contributed by M.M.C. Calthrop. Published by the Catholic Record Society in 1916. Transcripts in Latin of the Recusant Roll for 1592-3, for England and Wales, listed by county. Hundreds of names of Roman Catholic men and women are included. Complete with a useful index of names and places, in English. A fascinating aspect of Tudor religious history. An essential reference gu...

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The Catholic Record Society Miscellanea X

One of a series of books containing a variety of records from various counties. Published in 1915. Miscellanea X includes Records of the English Canonesses of the Holy Sepulchre at Liege,now at New Hall, Essex, 1652 - 1793. Registers of the English Benedictine Nuns of Pontoise, now at Teignmouth, Devonshire, 1680 -1713. Official Enquiry as to the estate of Robert Charnock of Leyland, Lanca...

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The Summerfields Register 1864-1929

Summer Fields Register, 1884 - 1929. Published in 1929. The Summer Fields register contains the school register, of this Oxford school. Noting such details as the year the boy entered the school, the university he later attended, military service and even civilian occupations, locations and other details. It also includes the Roll of Honour for those former pupils who fell in the ...

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