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Paupers in Workhouses Ordered by The House of Commons to be printed 30 July 1861.

Returns "from each workhouse in England & Wales, of the name of every adult pauper in each workhouse who has been an inmate of the workhouse during a continuous period of five years; stating the amount of time that each of such inmates shall have been in the workhouse, and the reason assigned why such persons are unable to maintain themselves:" This cd contains the full return arranged by coun...

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The Catholic Record Society Miscellanea V

Published in 1909. Miscellanea V includes - Abbess Neville's Annals of Five Communities of English Benedictine Nuns in Flanders 1598-1687. The Will of Christopher Stonehouse of Dunsley, Whitby c.1564-1631.A List of Convicted Recusants in the Reign of King Charles II (arranged by county). Covering - Bedfordshire, Berkshire, Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire, Dorsetshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Lan...

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