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Catholic Ancestor Volume 06 Number 1 / February 1996

- More Lancashire Registers Available At SoG - Conformity In The North West 1590-1625 - The Speke Families Of Hazelbury Manor, Box, Wiltshire, And Of Whitelackington, Somerset - The History Of Mr Hickin - British Freemen Of The City Of Bruges 1560-1800 - Sources For Catholic Architects - "Nobbut A Legend": The Blount Family - Indexes To The 1881 Census: A New Service - Catholic Social Life In Bolt...

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Catholic Ancestor Volume 06 Number 2 / June 1996

- Irish Ancestry In North-East England - The Gradwell Library - Priests In Australia - Local Parish Histories - A Biographical Register Of The Ex-religious In England And Wales C1530-1603 - Conformity In The Midlands And East Anglia 1590-1625 - "The Fatal Vespers" Or "The Doleful Even-Song", 1623 - The Catholic Fishers Of Yarm - Marriage Indexes (especially 1754-1837) - The Last Viscountess Montag...

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Catholic Ancestor Volume 06 Number 3 / November 1996

- Cheshire Catholic Registers - Conformity In The South 1590-1625 - Simon Godfrye Of Densworth, Sussex: Seeing The 1590s Through The Bars Of Horsham Gaol - The Slaughters Of Cheney Court And Their Catholicism - Papists In The Counties Of Brecon And Flint, 1680 - More Parish Histories - "Of Sound Mind": Some Catholic Wills In The Eighteenth Century - The Registers Of The Catholic Chapel At Haughley...

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Catholic Ancestor Volume 06 Number 4 / February 1997

- A Return Of Papists In London Anno 1711 - Some Sources For Catholic Family History At The Institute Of Heraldic And Genealogical Studies - Oxfordshire And North Berkshire Protestation Returns And Tax Assessments 1641/2 - Monumental Inscriptions In Chislehurst, Kent - Parliament's Government During The English Civil War: Surviving Records In The PRO - The Civil War: A Catholic Bibliography - Cath...

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Catholic Ancestor Volume 06 Number 5 / June 1997

- Guild Of One Name Studies - Catholic Ancestry In Yorkshire - The Families Of The Benedictine Nuns At Pontoise - Lincolnshire Recusants 1736/7 - Catholics In Everingham - The Religious Press - Casey's Charity For The 'Poor Catholicks Of Manchester' - Catholic Wills - The First Church On A Public Highway...

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Catholic Ancestor Volume 06 Number 6 / November 1997

- Leslie Brooks 1897-1997 - Catholic Central Library - The Walpoles And The Jesuits - C.R.Humphery-Smith - The Spanish Elizabethans - The Onslow Collection Of Catholic Families - Catholics In Buckinghamshire 1717+ - Catholics In Halsall, Lancashire, 1767 - Coventry Catholics In 1767 - Liverpool Churches On The Public Highway - Irish Vagrants' Passes - English Catholics In Toronto, Canada - St Anne...

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