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This series of 16 page booklets published by the FFHS provides basic information on a wide range of genealogical topics.

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Lunatics in England and Wales for Famiy Historians / Pamela Faithfull

Did you once have a lunatic in your family? Many people did. Perhaps your missing ancestor disappeared to an asylum? If so, there may well be records of him. This pamphlet explains how people with mental illnesses were treated in past times, and describes the extensive records which survive....

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Quarter Session Records / Richard Ratcliffe

Quarter Sessions were responsible for the administration of local government before the introduction of county councils. They dealt with an extraordinarly wide range of topics, and their records have a huge amount of information which is likely to be of interest to family historians. Coroners and criminals, printers and freemasons, vagrants and aliens, are just a few of the people who can be found...

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Using Education Records / Colin R.Chapman

Most of our ancestors in recent centuries attended school; some went on to university. These institutions created records which may still survive. Those records are likely to contain much useful information on our aneestors. Colin Chapman here tells us what records are likely to be available, where to find them, and how to use them....

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