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Stuart Raymond's Handbooks, Web Directories, and Library Guides

How do you find out about ancestors? That is the question that Stuart Raymond has set out to answer in his various handbooks, web directories, and library guides. Do you know where to look to discover information on the web, in books and journals, and on fiche? Do you understand what is meant by A2A, inquisitions post mortem, and tithes? How do you use the internet? Stuart Raymond's books will help you with all of these questions. These are the books that you will need to begin your research. Most are published by Pen & Sword, by the Family History Pertnership, or by the Federation of Family History Societies. Pollbooks are published by S.A. & M.J.Raymond.

County Volumes

Sources and lists which cover entire counties are particular useful to the family and local historian. In this section are listed a number of relevant series. The National Index of Parish Registers contain the authoritative listings of surviving parish registers, and should be consulted by all family historians. The Domesday Book in modern English is our earliest surviving source covering the whole country. Poll books record the votes of our ancestors, and enable the family historian to trace the distribution of surnames across entire counties. Also listed here are the successful Darwen series of county histories, which provide essential background to the stories of our ancestors lives.

FFHS, Family History Partnership, and SoG Publications

The Federation of Family History Societies has published many titles of great importance to genealogists. Only a selection is listed here. The Gibson guides, which provide detailed guides to particular sources, were formerly published by the FFHS, but are now being published by the Family History Partnership. The Society of Genealogists is the major English genealogical society, and has an extensive publishing programme. Some of its titles are listed here.

Military Family History

Did your ancestor fight in the Crimea? Or in the First World War? Perhaps he served in Nelson's Navy? Wherever he served, it is likely that we have a book which will tell you how to find out about his career in the armed forces.

My Ancestors were ... series

The religion and occupations of our ancestors generated an enormous mass of documentation, which is available to family historians seeking to trace their ancestors. If your ancestors were Congregationalists or Methodists, seamen or lawyers, the probability is that their religion and occupations have been documented somewhere. This series of books from the Society of Genealogists provide authoritative guides to the sources available to researchers.

Phillimore Publications

Phillimore have been publishing guides and handbooks for family and local historians for more than a century. Their experience shows in their publications, which are authoritative in their field, and provide a great deal of valuable information for researchers. Many are available here.

Other Publishers

Colin Chapman's popular non-technical guides to genealogical sources and methods are listed here. So are Robert Pols' handbooks on identifing, dating, and understanding old photographs, and on the art of taking them today.

Local History

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Stuart Raymond's Internet Genealogical Bookshop supplies some of the most useful guides and handbooks currently on the market, including the Gibson guides, his own series of genealogical bibliographies, and a range of other titles from a variety of publishers, many of which he has written himself.

Stuart is also willing to offer advice on all aspects of genealogical bookmanship, whether or not a sale is involved.

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