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The English surnames series is a county by county study of the origins of surnames. Each county volume explains how surnames came into being in that county, and describes how they have evolved over the centuries. This series provides essential texts for family and local historians and for those interested in the history of language. This series is based on the work of the English Surnames Survey at the University of Leicester. and is published by Leopards Head Press.

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The Surnames of Leicestershire and Rutland / David Postles. Leopards Head Press, 1998.

If your ancestors were from these two counties, you will want to study this book in order to see how surnames in the region originated and evolved over the centuries, demonstrating how they were affected by local dialects....

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The Surnames of Sussex / Richard McKinley. Leopards Head Press, 1988.

Where did your ancestors' surnames come from? How did they originate, and how have they developed over the centuries? Sussex surnames had their own distinctive characteristics, and are very different from those of any other county dealt with in this series....

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