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An Index of London Schools and their Records

By Cliff Webb. School registers and other records provide a great deal of information likely to be of interest to the family historian, but they are rarely consulted. Cliff Webb has made consultation much easier by preparing this listing of the records that survive in the area covered by the former London County Council....

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Greater London Cemeteries and Crematoria / Patricia Wolfson (revised by Cliff Webb)

If you are researching ancestors in London who died in the nineteenth or twentieth centuries, the likelihood is that they were buried in a cemetery, rather than in a churchyard. This book lists cemeteries in the Greater London area, including notes on their registers....

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Index of London Hospitals and their Record / Cliff Webb

Hospital records are an extremely useful source of information for family historians. Particularly useful are their birth, death, admission, and discharge registers. There are also creed registers, staff records, and a wide range of other sources. This volume tells you what is available for London, and where it can be found....

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London's Bawdy Courts, vol.1. 1703-1713

By Cliff Webb. The church courts dealt with a wide range of issues, which have been summed up as 'sin, sex, and probate'. Cliff Webb has listed all the cases heard beore the London Consistory Court, whose jurisdiction covered the City of London, Middleses, and parts of Hertfordshire and Essex. The depositions in these cases often provide a great deal of biographical information about witnesses and...

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Will Indexes and other Probate Material in the Library of the Society of Genealogists

Probate records are a major source of genealogical information. Wills are likely to be the only documents reflecting the personalities of your ancestors. Millions survive; there are numerous transcripts and indexes to them have been prepared. Many of these printed volumes are in the library of the Society of Genealogists, whose collection is listed in this book. Many of the items listed can, of co...

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