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British Civil Registration / Tom Wood

The civil registers are amongst the first sources that the family historian will need to check. They appear to be easy to use - but appearacnes may be deceptinve, and it pays to be aware of how they were compiled. Wood provides a detailed account of the registers and indexes, and his text should be read by alllfamily historians. 2nd edition, 2000....

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First name variants / Alan Bardsley

By Alan Bardsley. First names are infinitely variable. Elizabeth might be Bessy or Beth, or more than 100 other variants. Bardsley here brings them all togethe, so that you may no longer suffer from confusion....

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History's Midwives / Joan E. Grundy

A detailed account of the place of the midwife in seventeenth and eighteenth century society. Includes a Yorkshire midwives nominations index, listing many names....

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Oxfordshire Contributors to the Free & Voluntary Present to King Charles II, 1661, transcribed by Gwyn de Jong / Jeremy Gibson (ed). Oxfordshire Famiiy History Society in association with the Family History Partnership, 2012.

Kings loved to demand 'free and voluntary presents' (with the emphasis on the word 'demand')! Their bureaucrats loved to list them. When Charles II returned from exile in 1660, he desperately needed money. This is a listing of some 6000 Oxfordshire men and women who made their contribution. Did anyone from your parish make a contribution? And was one of your ancestors amongst them? This is a valua...

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Remember Then: Women's memories of 1946-1969, and How to Write Your Own / Janet Few

This book is what happens when you let eighty women spend a year and a half recording their memories of life in Britain during the pivotal period 1946-1969....

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Researching Adoption: an Essential Guide to Tracing Birth Relatives and Ancestors / Karen Bali

This is a guide for anyone who wants to research an adoption in the family. If you were adopted, adoption relates to someone in your family, or an ancestor was adopted, this guide can help. It examines methods, resourcs for researching family mysteries deep in the past, plus ideas, advice and guidance for linking up with birth relatives. A must for anyone who wants to discover where they came from...

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Second Stages in Researching Welsh Ancestry, ed. John & Sheila Rowlands

Researching your Welsh ancestry? This book suggests a variety of different sources that may yeild valuable information. It aims to broaden your understanding of the possibilities of research, and will help you to take your research back beyond 1800....

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The Family Historians Enquire Within / Janet Few. 6th ed. Family History Partnership, 2014.

This is a long awaited new edition of a standard reference work for family historians. It gives clear and concise information on all aspects of family history, and aims to point your research in the right direction. There are over 1,000 entries, alphabetically arranged, explaining where to look, what you might expect to find, and how to go about your research....

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The Wesleyan Methodist Historic Roll / Richard Ratcliffe

This volume in the Basic facts ... series dexribes an important source of information on Wesleyan Methodists. In 1899, the '20th century fund' was launched in order to celebrate the centenary of John Wesley's death. The names of subscribers are listed in this roll, by circuit, and, mostly, by chapel. It will therefore enable you to identify ancestors associated with particular chapels between 1899...

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World War I Army Ancestry / Norman Holding

"Daddy, what did YOU do in the Great War?" From the British Isles alone over 5,000,000 men served in the forces between 1914 and 1918. Few of us do not have at least one ancestor who was involved. This volume provide family historians with a preliminary list of sources in which they may research their soldier ancestors' careers. 2nd edition....

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