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The aim of British and Irish Genealogical Library Guides is, ultimately, to list every book, microfiche, journal article, etc., that is likely to be of use to the genealogist. Each volume will enable researchers to work systematically through all the publications relevant to their research.

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British Family History on CD

Thousands of genealogical books, and important genealogical data are now available on CD. This includes innumerable out of print books – especially old trade directories and published parish registers. It also includes census data. This book lists what is available....

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British Genealogical Books in Print

This volume lists thousands of books currently available from hundreds of publishers, including commercial organisations, libraries and record offices, societies (but not FFHS members, whose books have been listed by Elizabeth Hampson in Current Publications by member societies) and private individuals. The range of books listed is wide - from census indexes to obituary notices, from parish regist...

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British Genealogical Microfiche

This volume lists innumerable microfiche that are currently available from societies, libraries, record offices, etc., as well as commercial publishers. This volume reveals an extraordinarily wide range of microfiche available to the genealogist. It aims to list everything relating to England, Scotland and Wales that has been microfiched, but also includes offerings from publishers in Australasia ...

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British Genealogy in Miscellaneous Journals

Many articles of interest to British genealogists appear in journals such as the Archaeological Journal and the Journal of the British Archaeological Society. The genealogical contents of six widely available archaeological and antiquarian journals are listed in this bibliography. Articles cited include numerous abstracts and indexes of parish registers, probate records, monumental inscriptions, e...

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English Genealogy: A Bibliography

For English genealogists, this is the basic bibliography. It lists innumerable guides and indexes to sources at the national level, and is complemented by separate volumes for each county. It includes: Introductory guides to sources, encyclopedias and dictionaries, how to organize yourself, bibliography, archives, genealogical directories, biographical directories and pedigrees, names, births marr...

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Londoners' Occupations - A Genealogical Guide

The 2nd edition of this guide to published sources for Londoners' occupations has been greatly expanded since it was first published in 1994. If you have run out of clues to tracing your London ancestors, or need some background information to fill in the details of their lives, then this book may be of use to you. It identifies over 1,000 books and journal articles which may enable you to trace y...

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Occupational Sources for Genealogists

Were your English ancestors railwaymen or tradesmen, lawyers or tax inspectors? Or perhaps you have pipemakers or policemen amongst your forebears? It is probable that at least some members of your family are listed somewhere by the occupation they pursued, and it is well worth knowing where such information is to be found. There are many published sources of occupational information. Numerous bio...

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South West Family Histories

This 128 page book attempts to list all the published family histories and pedigrees relating to families from the South West, i.e. Devon, Cornwall, Dorset, Somerset, Wiltshire & Gloucestershire. A tremendous amount of research has been published. I have not counted the number of families mentioned, but it must be well over 2,000....

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Using Libraries; Workshops for Family Historians

Books and libraries are vital to genealogists. That is the message of this book and it will be neglected at the risk of wasting a great deal of time and failing to find the information you need. This book sets out to answer four questions: What can the genealogist expect from libraries? How should libraries be used? What family history resources are they likely to hold? How can books of relevance ...

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