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The various handbooks and guides written by Stuart Raymond provide basic guidance for all genealogists. They provide detailed explanations of available sources, and include much advice on how to take your research further.

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Family Historian's Pocket Dictionary

What are inquisitions post mortem? Do records of the land tax survive. What genealogical information is held by the Guildhall Library? Questions such as these are readily answered by consulting this A-Z of family history, which provides detailed guidance on further research...

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Introducing family history

Every family has a history. This books provides the basic guidance needed to begin investigating yours. The author explains what sources of information are available, where to find them, and how to use them. He tells you how to trace your pedigree, and encourages you to understand your ancestors' lives against the background of the society they lived in....

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Tracing your nineteenth century family history

The nineteenth century is perhaps the easiest period for genealogical research, since both the civil registers and the census provide comprehensive coverage. A wide g=range of other sources are also available. Stuart Raymond takes a comprehensive look at all the sources available for tracing ancestry in this period in this comprehensive guide....

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Tracing your twentieth century family history

Tracing twentieth century ancestors is not always as easy as might be expected. Many sources are, however, readily available. They are described and explained by this useful guide in the Family history century by century series....

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