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Research Guides / A Rogues' Gallery: Victorian Prisoners in Gloucester Gaol

This book provides an insight into Victorian England's criminal past and the characters who were forced to spend time in the unforgiving environment of a late 18th century prison.The book, containing over 350 images, focuses on the photographic documentation of the convicts, recording the evolution of criminal records before modern technology such as fingerprints and DNA were available.

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A Rogues' Gallery: Victorian Prisoners in Gloucester Gaol.

This book, containing 160 pages, looks at the photographs taken of some Victorian prisoners held on remand in Gloucester Gaol at certain times between 1871 and 1906. It looks at the different styles of dress, the various groups of prisoners, from the children to the elderly, and where they originated, which could be anywhere in the world! Background research using extensive archive material into...

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