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These books will help you get the most out of using a computer for genealogy or family history. The range covers using the web for publishing and for research, guides to using your favourite software such as RootsMagic, and more. The web is one of the fastest growing areas of genealogy and so many books now concentrate on this area.

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Gathering the Clans - Tracing Scottish Ancestry on the Internet

by Alan Stewart Scottish ancestry is easy to trace on the Internet, because Scotland is leading the world in making its family history records available on-line. So now, wherever you live, it is easy to grow a Scottish family tree! All the main records are already on-line: births, marriages and deaths (from 1855), old parish registers (some back as far as 1553), wills and inventorie...

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New Cousins by Karen Bali

This booklet is a guide to descendant searching - that is looking for living relatives who are also descendants of our ancestors. It can be fascinating, rewarding, and potentially life-changing. Research can lead you not to long-dead ancestors but living, breathing relatives who share your genetic heritage - members of your extended family. This book shows you how to get started, offers tip...

Supplied by: S&N Genealogy Supplies Product Ref: SNG-5859

Tracing your Family History on the Internet - Second Edition - by Chris Paton

The internet is revolutionising family history research. Every day new records and resources are placed online and new methods of sharing research and communicating across cyberspace become available. Never before has it been so easy to research family history and to gain a better understanding of who we are and where we came from. But, as Chris Paton demonstrates in this straightforward p...

Supplied by: S&N Genealogy Supplies Product Ref: SNG-6335

Tracing Your Scottish Family History on the Internet by Chris Paton

A practical guide to researching Scottish ancestry using the Internet. \* Chapters on many classes of records and online offerings sourced nationally and from every Scottish county \* Covers national institutions, commercial sites and sources generated by local Family History Societies and individuals \* Explains how these sources can be understood and related to individual research proje...

Supplied by: S&N Genealogy Supplies Product Ref: SNG-6771

War Memorials on the Web Part 1

The purpose of this book is to list the vast number of websites that devote themselves to war memorials, this book identifies web pages which provide names, and which relate to a particular locality. Some rolls of honour are also included. By Stuart A Raymond. \* Contains 46 pages...

Supplied by: S&N Genealogy Supplies Product Ref: SNG-5271