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Archiving, Charts & Ephemera

We have a large range of archival supplies to help document your research, including charts, notebooks, acid free pens, magnifiers, document repair kits, permanent paper, and more. They are the perfect accompaniment to our binders.

Binders, Sleeves & Indexing

We have a large range of archival supplies to help document your research, from binders and charts to archival storage. Our range of binders are great for presenting your family history, holding certificates, documents and photographs. To ensure that your collections of certificates and research documents are preserved in pristine condition, they should be kept in specialist binders with inert archival sleeves. We offer a variety of different size binders with high quality ring mechanisms and durable, padded, leather grain style covers. All our binders come with 4 archival quality sleeves, which are also available to purchase separately. We also sell acid-free card and tabbed dividers for our binders. Springback Binders are a perfect complement to our range of binders, ideal for presenting your family history. Unlike ring binders, you don't have to punch any holes in the paper - you simply choose the sheets you want, fold the covers of the binder back, and place the paper into the spine. You can add or remove pages as many times as you like. Each binder has hardback covers with an acid-free lining, and has a 25mm capacity, which can hold up to 200 A4 pages. Our archival accessories include acid free pens, magnifiers, document repair kits, permanent paper, and more. They are the perfect accompaniment to our binders.

Books & Magazines

We stock a wide range of books to help you with your research. Our computer related genealogy books cover everything from software manuals to tracing your family history on the Internet. Need help or advice in a particular area, or not sure where to get started? Our genealogy books are the perfect accompaniment to your research - you're sure to find something to help you. Published yearly, the Discover Your Ancestors bookazine contains in-depth articles, research advice, social history, 'how to' features, case studies, places in focus, and much more! Also available as a monthly online magazine that you can download to your computer.

Data CDs & Downloads

We stock and publish a wide range of data CDs to help you with your research. They contain material of every sort, with records as early as the 13th century. Our CDs are in the form of virtual books and come with Adobe Acrobat Reader Software for Windows. If you use an alternative Operating System this software is available for free from the Adobe website. The files are bookmarked so you can jump to various sections and most are searchable and printable.


We stock a wide range of software to help record and document your family history research, which can create a wide range of charts and reports so you can share your research with others. We have a wide range of Windows and Mac software available. For Windows users, our most popular package is RootsMagic, which is easy to learn and use and has powerful charting capabilities, suitable for both beginners and experts alike. We also offer other popular programs, such as Family Historian which is written by a UK author and more suited for the experienced genealogist. You may like to look at TreeView, a popular new addition to the market which is suitable for both Windows and Mac. Reunion is a genealogy software program for the Mac which received the highest rating for genealogy software in MacWorld, MacAddict, and Mac Home Journal magazines.


About Us

S&N Genealogy Supplies is the largest UK genealogy publisher and retailer, with over two decades of experience serving the needs of computer-based family historians. Founded in 1992, we publish and retail a broad range of family history research material, software, books, binders, and much more. We offer the widest choice of family history software and data CDs and are determined to provide you with the highest quality and keenest prices.

Range of products

Most high street stores can only offer one or two packages for genealogy. We offer a wide range of programs plus books, binders, charts and thousands of data CDs. Make sure you get the package to suit your needs, not what a shop wants you to buy.

Lowest Cost

It's cheaper to buy from S&N. We are always reviewing our prices to provide you with the best value possible. We will beat any UK mail order pricing for the same genealogy program. We also offer dedicated support without premium telephone line costs.

Customer Support

Your high street store doesn't have dedicated genealogy software support staff and most publishers don't offer support lines. They won't be able to resolve problems like "Why can't I import my relatives' data?" We can and do! We offer all our customers free technical support by email or on our standard rate telephone line.


We scan all our data CDs and census images in-house and have quality checks that ensure the highest possible quality even if it means scanning the film several times. We scan in greyscale where required and for 1841 we bought the highest quality silver microfilm, unlike our competitors. In independent testing this was found to have 30% more readable pages and improved the readability of all pages.

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