Overseas Births, Marriages and Deaths 1941-1994


This 5 CD set contains indexes to Army, Marine, Regimental, Consular and Ionian Islands BMDs.
The records show name, regiment, vessel, station, location or consulate along with volume and page number (where given).

These BMD records can help you trace your ancestors who served in the forces. They are provided in alphabetical order as greyscale and black and white images of the original GRO microfiches.

The CD includes:
* Air Births and Deaths (inc. missing persons) 1947-1965 * Army Births 1941-1965 * Marine Births and Deaths 1941-1965 * Army Marriages 1941-1955 * Army Deaths 1941-1965 * Consular Marriages and Deaths 1941-1965 * Births Abroad 1966-1994 * Marriages and Deaths Abroad 1966-1994 * High Commission Births pre- 1956-1966 * High Commission Marriages - To 1965 * High Commission Deaths pre- 1955-1965 * Service Department Marriages 1956-1965 * Article 6-18 Marriages pre- 1955-1965


Supplied by: S&N Genealogy Supplies

Format: CD-ROM

Product Ref: SNG-4022