Introducing Family History - 2nd Edition by Stuart A. Raymond


Every family has a history. Most of us know something about our parents and grandparents. But there is usually much more information that could be discovered. That information can be fascinating and often explains why things were the way they were in our childhood.

Family history has become much easier in the last few years. Many of the most important sources are now available at the click of a mouse on the internet. However, you need to understand the nature of these sources if you are to trace your family tree. This book explains how to undertake family history research.

The author provides the basic guidance needed to begin your investigation into family history. He explains what sources of information are available, where to find them and how to use them. He tells you how to trace your pedigree and encourages you to understand your ancestors' lives against the background of the society in which they lived.

Second Edition published in 2020. Paperback with 102 pages. Full colour throughout.


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Format: Book

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