Australasian Handbook 1906


This 900-page work details the States of the Australian Commonwealth, plus Tasmania, New Zealand, Fiji and British New Guinea in the year 1906.

As well as statistics, and land and mining regulations by State, there are numerous maps including geographical, mineral, railway, newspaper, and maps for major cities. Each state section is headed by state history, geography, climate, geology, vegetable produce, fauna, educational facilities, and social and civic infrastructure, including employees of the official departments. The CD also features entries for towns in each State, detailing location, communications, local amenities and notable industries. A chapter on the UK Government and Statistics lists members of both houses of parliament, members of Government Offices, senior courts, British and Foreign Ambassadors and Consuls, plus notable banks, Chamber of Commerce, London County Council, Emigration Officers and more. A valuable resource for those seeking a picture of Australasia during this period.

*Digitally enhanced images of the original text
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*Bookmarked by major headings
*Fully printable
*Contains over 950 pages



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