A Rogues' Gallery


A Rogues' Gallery contains nearly 800 photographs and over 1000 records of some of the prisoners held in Gloucester Gaol in the year 1870 and during the period from 1882 to 1906. The original photographs came from three albums held in Gloucestershire Record Office. They have been re-photographed and tidied up a little - some of them were torn, dirty, etc. Each of the three albums was different. The first, for 1870 only, contained nearly 300 records of the prisoners, but only 80 of them had photographs attached; all records were transcribed. The second was merely a photograph album with the prisoners names marked on the photo - few matching records have been found for these yet. The third 'album' was merely a few sheets of photographs removed from a book - matching records have been found for most of them.

The prisoners come not just from Gloucestershire but from places as far afield as Canada and Australia, with quite a large proportion from outside of the county. It is obvious that not all prisoners were filmed. My only clue as to why some prisoners were photographed and some were not is that the first album is entitled 'Return of Habitual Criminals' - perhaps the rest of the prisoners did not re-offend.

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