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My name is Caroline Kesseler and I have been researching my personal family history for over thirty years. I have been an active member of my local Family History Society since 1998 undertaking voluntary family history research in Huntingdonshire since 2002. This research has also given me an interest in Local History which I believe enables an ancestor's life to be viewed in greater context. To this end I have recently obtained my Diploma of Higher Education in Local History from the University of Cambridge.

Search Services Provided

I will undertake document searches in the Huntingdonshire Archives and Local Studies Collection, and provide a full written report of my findings, stating full references for all document sources consulted. This report can either be sent by post or as a PDF file via email. Digital photographs of original documents can be provided subject to any archive restrictions. Please be aware that although a search will be made, the exact nature and extent of the information discovered cannot be guaranteed.

If you require a search to be made please proceed as follows:

  1. In the first instance BEFORE PURCHASING ANY SEARCH PACKAGE you should contact me by email or by post, to ascertain whether a search is likely to be beneficial to your research. You should be as specific as possible as to what information you are seeking and give details of any records that you have already checked and information already discovered, in order that I do not provide duplicate information.

  2. I will then contact you within 10 working days and advise whether a search is likely to be of benefit to you, and advise which search package would be most suitable.

  3. If you then decide you require a search to be made please purchase the appropriate package.

  4. A written report of the search results will be sent to you within 20 working days together with a recommendation of whether a further search may be of benefit.

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For general enquiries, please write to:

42 Crowhill
Godmanchester, Huntingdon
PE29 2NR