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Coats of Arms and Surname History Scrolls

Our coats of arms are extensively researched and the printed surname scrolls provide a fascinating insight into the name's history. The ideal gifts for family history enthusiasts!

Homewares with coats of arms / family crests.

Our classic collection of homewares features the earliest coat of arms relating to the surname, including any associated crest at the top. The name appears in a scroll.

About Us

Hall of Names researchers have been delving into the history of surnames since 1971, and we established Hall of Names here in the UK in 2002. We are an independent business, and we operate from our head office in West Somerset. Our database now contains over a million surnames with their earliest-known coats of arms, as well as a vast collection of Scottish Clan and Irish surname histories, as well as an extensive collection from France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Portugal and beyond.

We have established ourselves as leaders in the field of coats of arms and surname histories, and our reputation for excellent quality and service is second to none.

The coats of arms on our database are the oldest one we have on record for each surname. It includes the motto (if there is one), family crest, shield and surname. If there is a motto, this is usually in Latin and at the bottom of the scroll you will find a translation of it.

What Could you discover about your name and what are the symbols on its earliest coat of arms?

We can help you find out!

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