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11 Generation Mega-Sized Wall Chart

This Mega sized wall chart is for the serious genealogist, it has room for a massive 2,047 ancestors, back to 8x Gt. Grandparents. This wall chart measures a massive 60 inches wide by 33 inches tall. The columns are colour coded and they also have a heading to depict their relationship to the preceding generations....

Supplied by: Genealogy Printers Product Ref: GPR-11GB

Compete Family Tree Chart

A brightly coloured Family Tree Wall Chart. What an ideal Birthday or Christmas gift for one of your relatives. All relatives back to Gt. Gt. Grandparents can be recorded on it, Parents, Grandparents, Gt. Grandparents, Gt. Gt. Grandparents, Uncles, Aunts, Cousins, Brothers & Sisters, Nephews, Nieces, including spaces for all of their Children, their Marriages and their Children, your children & pa...

Supplied by: Genealogy Printers Product Ref: GPR-FTC