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Local History Records / Local History Records, Vols 61 - 70

LHR, an annual publication of the Bourne Society since 1961, contains researched and reviewed articles on a wide range of local history topics appertaining to East Surrey. Each volume comprises illustrated articles, totalling some 40 pages in early volumes to some 70 pages in recent volumes of this approx A5 format publication.

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Local History Records - Vol 70 (2012)

Contents: Edward Morton of Sanderstead Court; I Worked at Bletchley Park; Reminiscences of a Wren; Kenley's New Deep Shelter; Coulsdon in the 1920s and 1930s; Warlingham - A Visit to Ye Old Whyte Lion; A History of Tennis in the Caterham Area; Gordon Cousins - A Clean Sweep; Crash of Dakota KG 439 at Mitchley Avenue, Sanderstead; Aeroplane Crashes in Selsdon before the War; Double Disaster; The In...

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Local History Records- Vol 61 (2009)

Contents: Nobility and Gentry of 1841; The Railway Hotel, Purley, Surrey 1907 - 1913; Fifty Miles' Tricycle Race; The Road through the Woods - Portley Wood Road, Whyteleafe; A Short Biography of Charles Herbert Goodman (1847-1937); Tollers Lane, Old Coulsdon, in the 1940s; Caterham Hill's War Memorial....

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Local History Records- Vol 62 (2010) OUT OF PRINT OUT OF PRINT

Contents: The last years of the Byron Family Estate; 'Live in Surrey Free From Worry' - the Southern Railway's 'The Country at London's Door'; Caterham Manor in 1865; What the Papers Said; Florence Harding - 97 Years Young; Blechingley Surveyors' Book 1814 - 1836; Charles Day and Charles Dickens; Peter's Pastime - A Collection of Magnificent Hand-made models; Mrs Violet Mattock - one of Caterham's...

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Local History Records- Vol 63 (2010)

Contents:St Anne's College, Sanderstead; William Joseph Willett Bruce; Jessie Hall (1858 - 1914); The Graves on the Hill - an Unfolding Story; When Kenley had the Wimbledon Singles Champion; What the Papers Said; Cane Hill Hospital; A Visit to the Kennels of the Old Surrey Hounds; Memories of the Battle of Britain; Erwin Surma - 85 years young; What did Father (or Grandfather) do in the War?; John...

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Local History Records- Vol 64 (2010)

Contents: Riddlesdown Farm and the Story of the Laing Estate; Frederick White of Portley; The Attractions of Caterham and Godstone; Once a Guardsman always a Guardsman - Benjamin Hartley; 'Ace' by Chance; Sunny Croydon; The Aerial War 1940; Family Life in Coulsdon; The 1951 Sale of the Remaining Portions of the Marden Park Estate....

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Local History Records- Vol 65 (2010)

Contents: Hop Growing in East Surrey; William Edward Steers - an 'Apostle of Health'; 31 Burcott Road, Purley - One hundred years of a Purley Gentleman's Residence; World War I Graves in St Luke's Churchyard; A Centenary of the Girl Guides; An Insight into The Caterham Imbecile Asylum; Thomas Bainbridge's Map of Coulsdon; Coulsdon Rectory, its History and Inhabitants; More on the Blitz in the Bour...

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Local History Records- Vol 66 (2011)

Contents: The Round House, Old Coulsdon; Six Years of my Life - 1939 - 1946; St Lawrence's Hospital - WWI Volunteers; Incendiary Bombs at the Old Sawmill; Pound Cottage, Old Coulsdon; Electricity to Country Houses: Bernard Drake of Sanderstead; Life in the Guards at Caterham; Marching off to (the First World) War; Furry Friends; Frank Lazenby; Manor Park in Whyteleafe: Additional Information....

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Local History Records- Vol 67 (2011)

Contents: Days Out by Motor Bus; The Diaries of a Warlingham Golfer; The Carrington Manufacturing Company; History of Coulsdon & Purley Debating Society; Stoats Nest Railway Disaster 1910; Memories of Chelsham and Farleigh; The Macleay family in Godstone and in New South Wales; Friendship Remembered - 'Nobby' Brooker; Souvenirs of Gardner's Pleasure Gardens, Kenley; The British Empire Exhibition, ...

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Local History Records- Vol 68 (2011)

Contents: 'Moscow in Surrey'; 'Ring, Ring' - the Early days of the Telephone; How Selsdon Celebrated the Festival of Britain 60 Years ago; Thorncroft/Winter's Wood, Caterham; The Winnats Prep School; The Railway Stations of Coulsdon; Caterham's Pubs; South Croydon and the French Connection; Letters from Coulsdon Rectory....

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Local History Records- Vol 69 (2011)

Contents: Henry Ward, Photographer; Aircraft Crashes in the Sanderstead Area; Thomas Bradbury Winter and his son, Frederick Bradbury Winter, of Caterham; The Bourne, or Intermitting Stream of Croydon in Surrey; Lydia Evison, of Hawkhurst Road, Kenley; A Forgotten Hero; Further Memories of Chelsham and Farleigh;The Juniper Family from Kenley; Lieutenant Colonel James McConville; Danger UXB; Six Bro...

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