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Local History Records / Local History Records, Vols 41 - 50

LHR, an annual publication of the Bourne Society since 1961, contains researched and reviewed articles on a wide range of local history topics appertaining to East Surrey. Each volume comprises illustrated articles, totalling some 40 pages in early volumes to some 70 pages in recent volumes of this approx A5 format publication.

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Local History Records - Vol 41 (2002)

Contents: The Bourne Flow 2000 - 2001; Sanderstead Court - The Owners and Inhabitants; A Byron Livery Button from Coulsdon; Prize Fighting at Godstone; The Roke Oaks, Kenley; The Rowed Sword; The Thatched Cottage, Old Lodge Lane, Waddington; The Purley Review; Learn to Fly - by Post!; Life at RAF Kenley 1940 - 1942; The Astoria Cinema, Purley - SOme Recollections 1961 - 1966....

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Local History Records - Vol 42 (2003)

Contents: Capt. Barnard of Windy Ridge; The Macleays of Tilbuster Lodge, Godstone; Lost in the High Street; Caterham and the 19th Century Lunacy Reform; Horses and Roses; Frank Marsh of Coulsdon; Annie Frence, Glasgow Girl; The Rector's Three Days of Fame; Caterham-on-the-Hill in the 1930s; William Edward Newall, Silversmith & Metal spinner...

Supplied by: Bourne Society, The Product Ref: BOU-LHR42

Local History Records - Vol 43 (2004)

Contents: 'Riddings Court', Caterham and the Lyon Family; The Story of Jonathan Fairall - Coping ina World of Change; The Origin of the Picture Postcard - and the early cards of Sanderstead; The Will of Sir Robert Clayton of Marden Park; Mary Gasson - Lady Tramp; The Taylor Family of Caterham; Happy Valley, Coulsdon, Past and Present; The Origins of St Mary's Church, Caterham....

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Local History Records - Vol 44 (2005)

Contents: Family Life at 'Purley Pines'; Borough Farm, Sanderstead; The Wettern Family in Sanderstead and Croydon; A Hundred Years Ago, in Woldingham; The Deaths of Charles Dulake and Ernest Dulake; The Opening of Godstone Schools 1855 & the foundation of Godstone Literary Institute; Yew Trees in Churchyards in East Surrey; Early Memories of the Garden Village, Woldingham; Revd John Honywood Rando...

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Local History Records - Vol 45 (2006)

Contents: A Voice from the Past; Bourne Society Council Minutes - A Trawl Through 50 Years; Local Memories of the 1950s; Barlow and Parker - Tamworth Road; Rifle Ranges Around Caterham; The Peter Aubertin Hall 1906 - 2006; The Croydon, Merstham & Godstone Iron Railway; Rectors of Coulsdon in the 14th Century; The Passing of a Local Character - Jonathan Fairall; Henrietta Le Personne....

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Local History Records - Vol 46 (2006)

Contents: The days of the Working Horse in Caterham; Riddlesdown Cottage; Aerial Photographs of the Bourne Area; The Giffords of Tupwood Lane; The Schools of the Webb Estate; Living in a Cave; The 2nd Surrey Rifle Volunteers & their Rifle Ranges; From St Luke's (Whyteleafe) Parish Magazine; Stop Thief;A Teenager at War; Local Memories of the 1950s; The Beverley Boys: II Gordon Long....

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Local History Records - Vol 47 (2006)

Contents: Tea, The Densham Family - and Mazawattee; The Caterham Asylum; Anglo-Netherlands Sports Exchange - 1948; Famous Writers and Artists; Charles Maynard Owen; National Service in the 1950s; Reminiscences of Helen F Flack; Memories of Evelyn L Reed; The Writhing on the Wall/The Painful Painting; Historic Kenley Photographs; Aerial Photographs of the Bourne Society Area; The Beverley Boys: III...

Supplied by: Bourne Society, The Product Ref: BOU-LHR47

Local History Records - Vol 48 (2006)

Contents: The Origins of the Bourne Society; The Caterham Railway; The Rambler, and the Motor-bus Traveller; Robert Oscar Mennell, Wholesale Tea Dealer of Kenley; The Croydon Airport Crash - 1924; Louis Le Personne, Caterham's Benevolent Belgian, A Teenager's Experiences in Whyteleafe during World War II; Olden Lodge - Modern School for Girls; Laurieston Revisited; Memories of Riddlesdown in the F...

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Local History Records - Vol 49 (2006)

Contents: The Imperial Rink, Brighton Road, Purley; The Orchid Ballroom, Brighton Road, Purley; Memories of the Orchid Ballroom, Purley; Robert O Mennell's Experiments in Building with Chalk in Kenley; Development Dreams Destroyed: 1922 - 1982; Air Crash at Kenley - 1923; Parson's Pightle, Old Coulsdon; The Beginning and End of Hall's Limeworks, & the Mrs Maybrick Kiln; Anti-aircraft Gunsite at Br...

Supplied by: Bourne Society, The Product Ref: BOU-LHR49

Local History Records - Vol 50 (2007)

Contents: Morven House, Kenley; Field-walking in Croydon Crook; The Mere Bank - A Victorian Folly; Another 50th Anniversary and a Connection with the Godstone Mines; Firs Road, Kenley; Danger - UXB; Two Coulsdon Inventories 1587; What the Papers Said; A Jolly Farmers Centenary 1907 - 2007; Reedham Orphanage, School and Trust; St Mary's Church, Farleigh....

Supplied by: Bourne Society, The Product Ref: BOU-LHR50

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