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Local History Records / Local History Records, Vols 11-20

LHR, an annual publication of the Bourne Society since 1961, contains researched and reviewed articles on a wide range of local history topics appertaining to East Surrey. Each volume comprises illustrated articles, totalling some 40 pages in early volumes to some 70 pages in recent volumes of this approx A5 format publication. See also page 5 for the complete set.

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Local History Records - Vol 11 (1972)

Contents: Tollgates; Thomas Kelly of Chelsham; Caterham School opening 1889; Couling's of Caterham; The Surrey Green Belt with map; Operation Pipeline 1965-71, with map; Riddlesdown; Oaks of Roke; Thomas Harley & Hooley House;...

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Local History Records - Vol 12 (1973)

Contents: Alsted Manor, Netherne; Sir Edward Banks 1770-1835; Dairymen of Caterham; Chaldon Church fresco; Taunton Manor; Mary Stephens of Chipstead; The Hop Pole, Woldingham; Old roads of Coulsdon; Woldingham finds 1971; Coulsdon local history event 1972; Whyteleafe geology & geography...

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Local History Records - Vol 13 (1974)

Contents: Scouting in Purley; Mediaeval Woodcote; Crawfords of Cane Hill; Purley's progenitor; Godstone; Woldingham butterflies; Place names in E. Surrey; Urban development. Whyteleafe; Chipstead watermill; Monuments in brass; The Bourne; Grove House...

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Local History Records - Vol 14 (1975)

Contents: Warlingham almshouses; The Aubertins & Chipstead church; Caterham barracks royal visits; Birds of the area; Netherne names; The Godstone Gap; Caterham & Warlingham nature trails; Street furniture; Unusual finds; Ballad of John Horne Tooke...

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Local History Records - Vol 15 (1976)

Contents: Ernest Christie, Painter; Iron Pear Tree water, Godstone; Bridges; Coulsdon Parish Registers; Railway through Marden; Alexander Braid; Flints of Waller Lane, Caterham; Warlingham almshouses; Coulsdon 1300; Woodmansterne; Sanderstead road names...

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Local History Records - Vol 16 (1977)

Contents: Two St Edmunds, Sanderstead; Camberwell beauty butterfly; Leigh Mill, Godstone; Sub-manor, Alsted; Marion Christie; 70 years on the Surrey Mirror; Haliloo, Woldingham; Mental hospitals of the Bourne area; Tollsworth Manor; Taunton Farm; Survey of population change; Caterham & District rifle club; The Purley Light - WW1 defences; Hooley House 1885; Red Lion Coulsdon, Rare Edward VIII post...

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Local History Records - Vol 17 (1978)

Contents: Coulsdon Downland Village; Chelsham hedges; Willey farmhouse fireback, Chaldon; A childhood in St Lawrence's Hospital, Caterham; The Marcuses of Caterham - broadcasters; Writing a village history; Social security, Chipstead; Henry Morriss & Woldingham; Tandridge arms; Populations statistics; Ruffetts Cottage, Chipstead; Church hall, Warlingham; Caterham Court Lodge inventory; Coulsdon pr...

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Local History Records - Vol 18 (1979)

Contents: Christ Church Purley, 1878; Contents: Henley wood manor, Chelsham; Chaldon excavations, Heathway; Ivy Mill, Bletchingley; Godstone; Hooley; Crawfords of Coulsdon, cricketers and musicians; All Saints, Kenley; Elsie Seth-Smith of Caterham, SPCK author; Marlpit Lane; Caterham & district council of churches...

Supplied by: Bourne Society, The Product Ref: BOU-LHR18

Local History Records - Vol 19 (1980)

Contents: Whyteleafe cycling accident 1871, Gardner's Pleasure Resort, Purley; John Dean Paul of Ridge Green House, Nutfield - 1855 arrest and transportation; Musgrave cow stalls at Cane Hill; Joseph Swan of lightbulbs fame; The Smiths of Selsdon Park; South Godstone early photographs; Lamberts of Bletchingley; Prehistoric Chaldon; A Caterham boyhood...

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Local History Records - Vol 20 (1981)

Contents: The Evacuation, 1939; Fire Marks; Coulsdon 1851; Queen's Park Caterham 1900; William Beverlie priest of Nutfield 1399; Reedham School; Firestone quarries at Merstham; Rose & Crown, Kenley c 1856-1870; William & Henrietta Gardner;...

Supplied by: Bourne Society, The Product Ref: BOU-LHR20

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