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Local History Records / Local History Records, Vols 1-10

LHR, an annual publication of the Bourne Society since 1961, contains researched and reviewed articles on a wide range of local history topics appertaining to East Surrey. Each volume comprises illustrated articles, totalling some 40 pages in early volumes to some 70 pages in recent volumes of this approx A5 format publication. See also page 5 for the complete set.

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Local History Records - Vol.2 (1963) OUT OF PRINT. E-Download only.

Secrets of Caterham and Godstone Caves; Local Windmills; The Sanderstead Excavations; Living Memory: Coulsdon, Chaldon, Chelsham, Purley; Historic Place-Names in our District; The Story of Purley Fountain....

Supplied by: Bourne Society, The Product Ref: BOU-LHR2

Local History Records - Vol 6 (1967)

Contents: Search for the 'Lost' Village of Watendone; William Bryant and his Book; Living Memory - Woldingham, Keartons of Caterham; A Royal Visit to Purley (1866); C.H. Goodman and the History of the Parish of Warlingham; Local Churchyard Monuments; Whyteleafe:the story of a village; Royal Air Force, Kenley 1917 - 1966;...

Supplied by: Bourne Society, The Product Ref: BOU-LHR6

Local History Records - Vol 1 (1962)

Contents: The Bourne stream; Memories c 1900 of Caterham on the Hill, Caterham Valley, Warlingham, Woldingham, Whyteleafe, Kenley, Purley, Old Coulsdon; Place Names Caterham & Coulsdon; 'Walker Miles' (E.S. Taylor)...

Supplied by: Bourne Society, The Product Ref: BOU-LHR1

Local History Records - Vol 10 (1971)

Contents: Stone Age man in NE Surrey; Roman Woodcote; Sanderstead in 1798; First school in Caterham; Coulsdon workhouse; Memories: Farleigh; Rowed monument, Coulsdon; Charles Langdon Lockton J.P.; Chelsham School; Memories: Chipstead...

Supplied by: Bourne Society, The Product Ref: BOU-LHR10

Local History Records - Vol 3 (1964)

Contents: Caterham Valley foundations; Caterham Court & Rowed; William Webb; Memories of Reedham & Farthing Down, Coulsdon, Sanderstead, Haliloo Flowers (Warlingham); unbuilt Railways; Marden Park...

Supplied by: Bourne Society, The Product Ref: BOU-LHR3

Local History Records - Vol 4 (1965)

Contents: Croydon & Reigate Road; Stanstead Caterham; Riddlesdown Man; Memories c1900 of Purley, Coulsdon, Whyteleafe; Beating the Bounds (with map); Tithepit Shaw Cavern; Arms of Coulsdon & Purley UDC; Annals of Purley; Purley Bury; Chaldon Court; Animals in the Bourne Valley...

Supplied by: Bourne Society, The Product Ref: BOU-LHR4

Local History Records - Vol 5 (1966)

Contents: Antiquities; Vaccination in 1804; First transatlantic TV; Box Cottage Caterham; Map of Local monuments; Historians of the Bourne Valley; Sanderstead; First buses, memories of Gerald Marcuse (radio pioneer); Edmund Byron, Arthur Beadell, Chelsham...

Supplied by: Bourne Society, The Product Ref: BOU-LHR5

Local History Records - Vol 7 (1968)

Contents: The Rowed Map; Hare Stone History; Victorian Mansions in the Bourne Valley; The Lords of the Manor of Woldingham; Living Crafts: Sheep-farming, The Stentor Music Company; The World's First Public Railway; The Farms of Coulsdon in 1762 and 1837; The Lord Mayor opens Coulsdon Common....

Supplied by: Bourne Society, The Product Ref: BOU-LHR7

Local History Records - Vol 8 (1969)

Contents: Farleigh; Sanderstead heraldry; Caterham caves; Roman road, Caterham; Victorian Caterham; Living Crafts - photography (Bunce brothers); Portley map; Coronation 1911...

Supplied by: Bourne Society, The Product Ref: BOU-LHR8

Local History Records - Vol 9 (1970)

Contents: Roman Cemetery, Coulsdon Woods; Netherne Field Manor; Netherne Farm; Chaldon Court; Coulsdon & Purley in Victorian times; Heraldry in Sanderstead, pt 2; Beech Farm, Chelsham; Old Coulsdon wheelwrights;...

Supplied by: Bourne Society, The Product Ref: BOU-LHR9

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