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Local History Records / Local History Records, Vols 71 -

LHR, an annual publication of the Bourne Society since 1961, contains researched and reviewed articles on a wide range of local history topics appertaining to East Surrey. Each volume comprises illustrated articles, totalling some 40 pages in early volumes to some 70 pages in recent volumes of this approx A5 format publication.

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Local History Records - Vol 71 (2012)

Contents: Henley House and the John William Waterhouse Connection; Brass Stolen from Bletchingley Church; Sir James Marshall, Mastermind of Post-War Croydon; The Caterham Bass Viol; An Unsolved Mystery; Recollections of Bagbie House; Caterham in 1908-09, Surveyor's Comprehensive Report; Yet Another Bynes Road Death; 19th Century Household Furniture; The Sweet and Powerful Voice of Alfred Smith of ...

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Local History Records - Vol 72 (2012)

Contents: Kathleen Edith Lewis - 1907-2003; A War Bride's Story; Wartime Fire Service in Caterham; John Smith Remembers Caterham; Proposed Developments; The Chipstead Burglars 1835; Ernest Straker - Naturalist, Historian and Photographer; Sir Joseph Lawrence of Kenley; Researching Local History in the Bourne Society Area; John Cooper and the Bootmaking Trade in Croydon; Mr Robertson, Miss Clements...

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Local History Records - Vol. 73 (2012)

Contents: The Training of Linguists for War, Coulsdon, 1952-54; The First Snow Fall; Duchess of York at Caterham; The Highs, Woldingham; Sir Bertram Hyde Jones and 2The White House", Sanderstead;North-East Surrey People in the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography; Michael Keith Gates - Caterhamian; The Daring Burglary and Robberies at Kenley; St David's School, Purley - 100 Years; Not Bader Alo...

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Local History Records - Vol. 75 (2013)

Contents: The Caterham Harmer Family; George Maw of 'Benthall', Welcomes Road; Lifeboat Day, 22nd July 1908; A Tragic Murder at 65 Bynes Road; The Sherlock Family and its Caterham Homes; World War II and the Cold War Deep Air-Raid Shelter Proposals for Godstone and Merstham; Working for a Living - the Beginning; An Aussie Greeting; The Entrepreneurs of Croydon Part 2 - The Grant Family Stores; Win...

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Local History Records - Vol. 76 (2013)

Contents: 'Dorincourt', Warlingham; A 1928 Ordnance Survey Map; Schoolboy Memories of Sanderstead in the 1930s; Samuel Gibson - One of the Last Survivors of the Battle of Waterloo - in Caterham; I Remember by Alec Coleman; Coulsdon North Station; Harold Cousins 1897-1917; The Chipstead Burglars 1835 - the Execution of William Harley; Dome Hill Estate; Remembering Schooldays; Not Your Typical Boy S...

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Local History Records - Vol. 77 (2013)

Contents: Tales of Woe from Stoats Nest 1839-1910; The Great Fog (1948); Setting up Home in Old Coulsdon in 1934; Howard Loftus Blackmore FGA, FSA; Harry Barter, Britain's Tallest Soldier in 1911; The Bluebells of Olde England in Chaldon; Schooldays in Caterham Barracks (1930s); A Stroll Down Sanderstead Road; St Mary's Almshouses, Godstone; The Story of Woldingham Village Hall;...

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Local History Records - Vol. 78 (2014)

Contents: George Gilbert Scott, Architect, his sons and their Buildings; Turnig back the Pages on the old Year (1947); Christmastide in Purley 1965; Sanderstead Court Garage; Wartime in Warlingham; History of the Reedham Orphanage Site; Augustus Granville White and his family; Jesse Oldfield and the Red Lion, Coulsdon; Purley County Grammar School for Boys; TESCOs site - The Guards' Barracks, Cate...

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Local History Records - Vol. 79 (2014)

Contents: George Gilbert Scott, Architect (Part II); No.6 Stafford Road, Caterham; Purley Corner to The Clayton Arms via Canada; Coulsdon Bus Services in 1964; The Dutch Village, Coulsdon; The Road to Sanderstead a Century ago; Murder and Suicide at Whyteleafe; The Old Wooden Hut, Purley; St Andrew's Church, Coulsdon; They Also Served; Jesse Oldfield and the Red Lion in Coulsdon Reassessed; Bourne...

Supplied by: Bourne Society, The Product Ref: BOU-LHR 79

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