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These titles, which are not included in the membership subscription, are more substantial research publications normally on a single subject or theme relating to the county of Rutland. All except the most recent, the biography of Richard Westbrook Baker, are now out of print, but The Heritage of Rutland Water can be consulted free of charge on the Society's website,

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No 6: Improving Agriculture in Nineteenth Century Rutland: The Life and Achievements of Richard Westbrook Baker (1797-1861), Steward of the Exton Estate, by Vanessa Doe (2018).

R W Baker was the most important and influential improver of agriculture in Rutland in the early nineteenth century, a period of rapid agricultural change. As estate steward for Sir Noel Noel Bt he became a leading breeder of Shorthorn cattle, winning many medals and prizes. He helped to found the Rutland Agricultural Society, designed an improved type of plough, set up ploughing meetings, introdu...

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