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Occasional Publications, which are not included in the membership subscription, are published at irregular intervals, and are normally dedicated to a single subject; they are usually A4 in format and vary in length. Thirteen such titles have been published to date. Most of the earlier titles are out of print, but are available free of charge on the Society's website, Please contact the Society to enquire about copies of out-of-print issues.

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No 09: Who Owned Rutland in 1873? Rutland Entries in Return of Owners of Land 1873, by T H McK Clough (2010)

Transcript of the Rutland section of the 1873 Return of Owners of Land, with notes on most of the 563 entries. Analysis of who they were, where they came from and what they did. Special sections on Lyddington parish and on a mysterious group of small landowners with strong Gloucestershire connections. Illustrations, tables, index of addresses (60pp). In the early 1870s there were serious social...

Supplied by: Rutland Local History & Record Society Product Ref: RLH-44

No 10. Medieval Property Transactions in Rutland: Abstracts of Feet of Fines 1197-1509, edited by Bridget Wells-Furby (2013)

Abstracts of all 355 Feet of Fines for Rutland surviving in the National Archives. Discursive introduction covering the form and content of feet of fines, how they relate the Rutland's Victoria County History, and their use as historical sources, including a review of the part played by women in the fines, their relationship to the county's political geography, and their purpose. Fully indexed and...

Supplied by: Rutland Local History & Record Society Product Ref: RLH-48

No 12. Oakham Lordshold in 1787: a map and survey of Lord Winchilsea's Oakham estate, ed T H McK Clough (2016)

Full description of a fine map of Oakham of 1787 and transcript of accompanying field books. Discussion of the layout of the town, its inhabitants, topography, buildings, roads, fields. Assessment of how the map (the earliest known for Oakham) reveals likely features of the early medieval town. Transcript of Oakham's entry in the Universal British Directory of 1791. Full index. 104pp, paperback, c...

Supplied by: Rutland Local History & Record Society Product Ref: RLH-55