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Barnsley FHS Ancestral File

**Barnsley Family History Society has produced a booklet to help you collate genealogical data into a concise and readable format.** By following the simple step-by-step instructions a valuable five generation family resource will be created. This can be used for reference, form the basis for further research, or copied, and sent to other family members to aid them with their research. ...

Supplied by: Barnsley Family History Society Product Ref: BAR-ARF-01

Barnsley FHS The Complete Guide to its Family and Local History Resources (2nd Edition)

**Completely revised and updated. It is an essential tool for all researchers.** The guide is divided into six sections: 1 The Barnsley area as a whole or large parts of it; 2 Barnsley area townships, A-Z; 3 Other parts of the former West Riding of Yorkshire; 4 Specific areas outside the former West Riding, including abroad; 5 England and Wales as a whole; 6 Research and th...

Supplied by: Barnsley Family History Society Product Ref: BAR-REG-01

Barnsley Place Names

This alphabetical index of 1400 place names in and around Barnsley compiled by John Higgs. The names have been taken from 19th century Ordnance Survey maps. In addition to township and farm place names, a number colliery names, halls, houses and cottages have been included. Each listed name is accompanied by a brief indication of the locality, the distance in miles from Barnsley Town...

Supplied by: Barnsley Family History Society Product Ref: BAR-BPN-01

Darfield Rate Book 1st August 1843 to 4th November 1846

**A unique transcription of the Darfield Rate Book showing an assessment for the necessary Relief of the Poor etc.** It contain many names and signatures of Churchwarden, Overseers etc. plus alphabetical lists of occupiers and owners of the properties, the monetary details are also listed. Collection periods delineated with scanned images of the pages. A5 landscape book with wip...

Supplied by: Barnsley Family History Society Product Ref: BAR-DRB-01

Silkstone Parish - Hearth Tax Return - 1672

A hearth tax was a property tax, or wealth tax, levied on each home. It was calculated based on the number of hearths or fireplaces within a home. Payments of a Hearth Tax were required in England from 1662-1689 and it was the occupiers who were liable for this tax and not the owners. A tax of 2 shillings (10p) had to be paid for each hearth in two instalments - Lady Day (25th March) and...

Supplied by: Barnsley Family History Society Product Ref: BAR-HTS-01

The Reminiscences of Henry Spooner

A nostalgic look back at the Barnsley of the 1910-1940 period, most of which has been swept away by the re-developments of the 1970s. In his youth, the author was apprenticed to Billington's Chemist in Eldon Street, and he is able to paint a vivid word picture of the life of an era now long lost....

Supplied by: Barnsley Family History Society Product Ref: BAR-B0-03