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Yorkshire School Records

School registers show names of pupils, their parents, addresses. Sometimes further information about their later life, careers, marriage partners, &c.

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Bootham School Register 1822 to 1935. The School was opened in January, 1823. This Register was intended to cover the whole period of the School’s history from 1822 to 1935, however, the early records are very imperfect, and it was impossible to ascertain the names of all the pupils who attended the School during the first years of its existence. In this Register are 2,853 names of pupils and st...

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LEEDS GRAMMAR SCHOOL - Admissions Book 1820 - 1900

The registers of pupils who attended Leeds Grammar School, with an index of names and descriptions of the lives and careers of ex-pupils...

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Quaker Schools - Ackworth, The Mount, Bootham

Ackworth Scholars - List of the Boys and Girls admitted into Ackworth School 1879 - 1930, giving year of admission, year of leaving and residence; The Mount School, York - List of Teachers and Scholars 1784 - 1814 and 1831 - 1906. giving residence, year of entry, year of leaving and, in many instances, who they married. Some hand-written notes have been added, by a previous owner of this book, giv...

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