Tankersley and Pilley - 1851 (HO 107/ 2334)


**All that part of the Township of Tankersley, including Tankersley School, the villages of Upper and Lower Tankersley, File Cottage, Old Hall, bottom of Tankersley Park, top of Tankersley Park, Newbiggen, Bridge Houses, Thorncliffe Iron Works, Warren Houses, White Lane, Hoodhill, Harley, Longley, Cross Keys, Hangmanstone Farm and Rectory.

Also, all the Hamlet of Pilley, including the whole of the village of Pilley, Pilley Lane End, Pilley Hills, Pecketts Cottage and Wiggin Farm.**

Column headings:
Relationship to head of household;
Marital status;
County of birth;
Place of birth;
Folio number;
Page number.

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