Stainbrough and Wortley - 1851 (HO 107/ 2333)


**All that part of the Township of Wortley, including the whole of the Village of Wortley, Wortley Hall, Cottage at the bottom of High Wood, Park House, Westwood Lodge, Stors House, Bromley, Howbrook, Ruggon, Townend House, Booth Wood Lodge, Rotherham Gates Lodge, the Chemical Works at Huscars, the Wortley Station, and Cottages near thereto, the Chemical Works, Old Mill, Cottages at Wortley Station, Wortley Mill, Lower Forge, the Clappers, Cranemoor, Cranemoor bottom, Cliffe, Houses on the North and South sides of Hermit Hill, Low Houses, and Well House Farm, Wharncliffe Wood side, Wharncliffe Wood bottom, Wharncliffe Lodge, Hollow, Stanfield Ash, Grens Woodhead, Smithy fold, Wortley Bank, Cundy Houses, Parsonage, Shipmanthorp, Horner House, Shepherd cote, Wharncliffe Moor side, Finkel Street, and Toll Barr House at Wortley four Lane Ends.

All the Township of Stainbrough, including Wentworth Castle, Stainbrough Park and Lodges, Stainbrough Foulds, Wood Green, Falthwaite, Dykes, Vickers Croft, Ratten Row, and Low Engine.**

Column headings:
Relationship to head of household;
Marital status;
County of birth;
Place of birth;
Folio number;
Page number.

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