Registers of The French Chapel Royal


This CD provides the following records of the French Chapel Royal, King St., Portman Sq., London.

  • Baptisms 1792-1841 (1148 entries)
  • Marriages 1792-1846 (487 entries)
  • Burials 1794-1801 and 1813-1814 (65 entries).

Records largely relate to French émigrés and their subsequent families. Baptisms are recorded from a number of Hampshire locations as well as in London. The earlier burials are almost all at St Helier, Isle of Jersey, and Winchester, as are many marriages, while those of 1813-14 are at Lymington. Much genealogical data beyond that normally found in such registers is provided.

The originals of these registers are held in the French National Archives at Nantes. A filmstrip copy was given to the Archivist of the Portsmouth Roman Catholic Diocese, and this was lodged for safekeeping and for wider access at the Portsmouth City Archives, located at the Portsmouth History Centre. References are provided to enable copies from the filmstrip to be obtained.

The transcriptions are provided in both date and surname order, in searchable PDF formats.

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Supplied by: Catholic Family History Society

Format: CD-ROM

Product Ref: CAT-D-012