Pinn 6


Pinn 6

Pinner Local History Society has produced a number of monographs on Pinner. Among these are two outlining lives of notable Pinner Residents.
This monograph, Pinn 6, is one and encompasses outlines of a number of Pinner Residents since 1670 who were of some fame or notoriety.

They include the Heath Robinson family. The three brothers Thomas, Charles and William were prominent residents and were known as the Froth-Finders as a result of their merriment when returning from various pubs.

Reginald Dwight, now Sir Elton John, lived in Pinner Hill Road and needs no further introduction.

A lesser-known couple were Jeremiah and Phyllis Blissard who were noted in the Parish Records in 1871 as being of African descent, probably the first in Pinner.

Both Mrs. Beaton and Mrs. Marshall, residents, were of course famous for their culinary works.

Not all Pinner residents were as notable. Joachim von Ribbentrop, the German ambassador from 1936 to 1938, built a house in pinner

In all, there are details of some 23 people of note detailed in this monograph.

January 2020


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