Pinn 5


Pinner Local History Society has produced a number of monographs on Pinner. In Pinn 5 we cover some more Pinner History including:

Sport - Local Societies and records have been scoured for this revealing account of Pinner’s sporting past.

The Ellements - Not the natural forces, but just a part of the family history of this longstanding an influential local family.

The Population of Pinner - A complete record and commentary, culled from all the available sources, that provides a record of Pinner’s growth since Doomsday.

Shops - From Medieval times to Victorian times Pinner people were able to buy most of what they needed locally. This piece shows Pinner has had a surprising number of shops for centuries.

Oral History - Two residents take us back to those times that can never return. This is entirely the point of recording oral history - to preserve the less-well documented local social history.

Caring for Ancient Monuments - Did you know that there are 180 scheduled in the Greater London area? Here are the problems in caring for them, including the Grims Dyke.

Pinner Pubs - A survey of local pubs and how they were affected by the development of the brewing industry in the neighbourhood.


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