Open History 122 Special WW1 edition


Prelude to War: A portrayal of the Liberal Government’s Cabinet manoeuvrings in the twelve day to 4 August 1914; Joseph Evans (an Irish soldier in WW1); The Irish in World War 1; Dear Father... (letters from a soldier to his father); Folkestone and Why History is Important (how Folkestone copied in WW1); Paper Chains from the Western Front: Postcards 1914-1918; Unfinished Business (a convicted murderer on the Western Front); ‘An Account of an Heroic Rescue During the First Battle of the Aisne, 13th-15th September 1914’: The amazing coincidence of finding two accounts of the same incident; Family at War: informal thoughts; A Tin of Water Sterilisation Tablets and a Set of Indian Brass Pots: The WW1 experience of Staff Sergeant Albert Francis Kay and the 30th Field Ambulance Unit; Sister Cooper and the Hollies; Diss Men Who Served in WW1

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