Membership of Calderdale FHS - Overseas Family - both new members & renewals from Feb 2021


Only for two or more members of one family at the same address outside the UK. All communication will be via E-Mail & the quarterly journal will be available in the Members' Area of the Society website.

Membership of Calderdale FHS is a ‘Single Use’ membership. Please refer to our website for more information on eligibility to join.

Any material published by Calderdale FHS, whether online or on paper, is copyright.

Product Personalisation

This product can be personalised by entering the following details on the basket:

  • Your full name and address;
  • Your membership number (renewing members only);
  • Your Age (optional), in one of these ranges - <35, 36-45, 46-55, 56-65, 66-75 or >75
  • Once a new member has been confirmed as a member, you may register on the Society website to access the "Members' Area" & enter surnames into our "Members' Interests" System

By doing so you will need to agree to the following privacy terms:

Under the terms and conditions of the GDPR (2018) we ask you, by ticking the box below, to confirm and accept that when joining Calderdale Family History Society (CFHS) your personal information will be stored in a retrieval system and saved as a hard copy. A subset of this information will also be held, securely, on the CFHS website for the purposes of allowing member access to the Members Only section of the website. Names & E-Mail addresses only may be published in the Society Quarterly magazine, The Scrivener, for any member participating in the Members' Interests System.

If you decide not to renew your membership, or your membership of CFHS lapses, all your personal information will be deleted from all retrieval systems (electronic or paper hard copy) after up to 24 months of your membership expiring.

You may, at any time, withdraw your consent by contacting CFHS Membership Secretary. This may exclude you from the ability to use some of the Society's facilities.

For new members, details of this order will be sent to the Society who will contact you with full details of membership within a day or so.

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£8.00 Free P&P

Supplied by: Calderdale Family History Society, (incorporating Halifax & District)

Format: Membership

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