Index of Nuns


The majority of the records in this Catholic Family History Society database relate to nuns who professed later than 1795 and thus usefully complements, rather than duplicates, the detailed study of the families of nuns of the English convents in exile 1600-1800, by Dr.Caroline Bowden et alia

This CD provides records of approximately 14,000 nuns. For each nun in the index the following facts may be available:

  • Surname and Forename(s)
  • Her Religious Order or Community
  • Birthdate and Place
  • Religious Name
  • Family Place
  • Names of her Father and Mother
  • Dates and Place of Entry, Profession, Leaving and Death

The amount of information given varies and it is rare to find that all of these details are available for an individual

The data has been compiled over many years by members of the Catholic Family History Society and we are very grateful for their hard work and dedication to this project. A number of different sources have been used and these are:-

  • Original archives, annals and published archive transcripts
  • Monumental Inscriptions and Burial records
  • Family supplied data
  • Census / BMD records research
  • Religious Order or Community website information
  • Obituaries and ancillary information in obituaries of others and miscellaneous information from Order and Community archivists

It should be noted, however, that some orders did not contribute data

In preparing this index, the Society has included those nuns whose records indicate their having died and if not, show their having:-

  • been born before 1915, or, if no birth date is given
  • having entered a community before 1934, or if neither
  • having professed before 1936

Two documents are provided. The first gives a list of nuns sorted into alphabetical order of surname and has indices to family names, places, and religious names. The second document provides a list of nuns grouped by Religious order or Community

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