Horncastle Deanery Monumental Inscriptions 1523-2014


Includes the following burial grounds. A (C) following a parish denotes a cemetery as well as a churchyard. Some parishes have more than one churchyard: Apley, Ashby Puerorum, Asterby, Bardney (C), Baumber, Belchford, Benniworth, Biscathorpe, Bucknall, Burgh on Bain, Coningsby (C), Donington on Bain (C), Edlington, Fulletby, Gautby, Gayton le Wold, Goltho, Goulceby, Great Sturton, Greetham, Haltham on Bain, Hameringham, Hatton, Hemingby, High Toynton, Horncastle (C), Horsington, Kirkby on Bain, Kirkstead, Langton by Horncastle, Langton by Wragby, Low Toynton, Mareham le Fen (C), Mareham on the Hill, Market Stainton, Martin, Minting, Moorby, Panton, Ranby, Rand, Revesby, Roughton, Scamblesby, Scrivelsby, Sotby, Stainfield, Stenigot, Stixwould, Tattershall, Thimbleby, Thornton by Horncastle, Waddingworth, West Ashby, Wilksby, Winceby, Wispington, Wood Enderby, Woodhall (C), Wragby (C). There are no MIs for Cawkwell and only the War Memorial for Dalderby.

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