CS132 - Fisherton Anger Asylum Admissions & Discharges 1813 – 1913


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The Wiltshire and Swindon History Centre (WSHC) holds records for a number of asylums that were in operation from the late 19th century in Wiltshire. The quantity and scope of the records vary between institutions.

These records are for:

Fisherton Anger Wilts, Lunatic Asylum. 1813 – 1913 A register or list of the several patients under the care of Mr Charles Finch at his house at Fisherton Anger in the County of Wilts – Licensed for the reception of insane persons.

Admissions by Quarter Sessions – WSHC A1/560/03, 04, 05 & 06.

The records are presented in name order and admission year.

There is no name index. A free name index to all four publications will be found on the WFHS website, through the Publications page.

Where an individual has more than one name recorded, such as by ‘alias’, ‘properly’ and ‘or’, a separate record has been created for each variation.

Where an element of information has not been recorded, this will be indicated by a hyphen ‘-‘.

The first line gives: Given name(s), Admission number, Class, Age, Condition, Occupation and Previous abode.

The second line, which may expand into a third line, gives: Date of admission, Date of discharge, Observations.

Admission number – there may be repeats of numbers.

Class – generally Pauper, Private or Criminal

Condition – generally Single, Married or Widowed.

Observations – the reason for discharge. If a move to another institution then the name of that institution. If death, then usually the cause of death. Where a body has been removed for burial, then this is usually recorded.

Individuals might have more than one period in one or more institutions. For instance William Judd was in Fisherton Asylum from 1870 – 1877, transferred to Broadmoor Asylum and then Wiltshire Asylum (Roundway) 1889 – 1902.

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