CS083 Coroners Records Salisbury City Vol 3 - 1899-1901


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The Salisbury Coroners' inquisitions commenced in 1876 with a break in date until 1888 and then continue with full inquests for each year until 1974. However, all coroners' inquests into suspicious, sudden or unexplained deaths come under a seventy-five year closure ruling.

The papers have been bundled in chronological order of date and year and are contained within two large boxes. They involve the deaths of men, women and children, not only from the city of Salisbury but from some of the city's surrounding districts such as Fisherton Anger, Milford, Wilton and even into other areas of the country. It has to be stressed that a coroner's inquest into a sudden death was always held at the place where the death had occurred.

A parish constable, where the inquest was to be held and where a person had died, was instructed to summon a jury of 'thirteen sufficient men of the parish' to assemble on a certain day and at a time and place where the body would be viewed by the coroner and the jury before the court assembled under the jurisdiction of the city coroner to hear the testimony of witnesses. It was felt that a transcription of the evidence given was not only relevant to descendants of those who suffered a 'sudden death' in the family but also for those researching the implications of social, medical and local history at this period of time.

Cases appear in alphabetical order and have been cross referenced against the name of the deceased person with associated names and places shown in the various depositions. A chronological list of names of the deceased with the date when the inquest was held appears in Appendix One, Two and Three. All places are of Wiltshire unless otherwise stated.

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