CS082 Coroners Records Salisbury City Vol 2 - 1893-1898


A4 softback 75 pages

The Salisbury Coroners' inquisitions commenced in 1876 with a break in years when they recommenced in 1888 and then continued, mainly with full inquests for each year until 1974. However, all coroners' inquests into suspicious, sudden or unexplained deaths come under a seventy-five year closure ruling but is likely that these transcriptions will continue until around the early part of the 20th century.

The collection includes some 'treasure trove' inquests dating from c.1930 which incur a fifteen year closure date. It is hoped these particular inquests will be included in a later volume in this collection but will only contain relevant details such as names, dates, sites of discovery and, of course, descriptions of the actual treasures.

Cases appear in alphabetical order of the name of the deceased and have been cross referenced with associated names and places shown in the depositions. A chronological list of names of deceased persons with the date when the inquest was held appears in Appendix One and Appendix Two. Ail places are of Wiltshire unless otherwise stated.

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