CS030 First World War tribunals in Swindon


Records of First World War tribunals in Swindon.

The appeals are listed in alphabetical order under the name of the person for whom the appeal was made. Where two or more men were considered together, there is one entry under one of the names with a cross reference to the other in its appropriate alphabetical place.

As there is much information on employers, an index of them has been included with reference to the employees for whom the appeal was made. This index does not include the self-employed or fathers employing members of their family as they can be found in the alphabetical order. In the case of the large employers with a long list of appeals, the entry is under the name of the employer in the alphabetical list with a cross reference to each individual employee.

The Appendix. In 1922 W. D. Bavin published for the then Swindon Borough Council "Swindon's War Record", a record of the activities in Swindon during the First World War. This included two lists:

Swindon's Roll of Honour: the men who were killed in the War.

The Roll of Swindon Men Who Served: all those men who fought in the War. This was compiled from a variety of sources. Bavin said it was not a perfectly complete list but it is probably as comprehensive as one is likely to get and is in itself unusual.

These lists have been reproduced in this volume for, taken together with those men who obtained exemption, we have a reference to the large majority of men living in Swindon at that time.

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