A book of splendid illustrations of the working men and women of Yorkshire in 1813 - 1814. The Author and Artist, George Walker, describes in his introduction - "most of the humble individuals here depicted in their simple and sometimes squalid garb" Many of the 41 hand-coloured aquatint engravings have become very famous in recent times, held to be accurate representations of the working people of the time. One of the plates in this book, showing the Collier, or coal worker, is of particular note, as it is the first printed representation of a steam engine locomotive on rails, built by Murray & Blenkinsop, Leeds, in 1812, about two years before Stephenson's engine, it was used from 1812 until 1833. Other illustrations include the Fisherman, the Milk Boy, the Horse Dealers and Yorkshire military uniforms. The text is in both English and French and is fully searchable on this CD. All the illustrations are scanned at high definition and may be printed in full colour.

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