CD24 Censuses and Surveys #2


Six books from our A4 County series of publications, available individually on page 10, presented here on a CD-ROM or as a single pdf file as a download. The books are:
10 Contagious Diseases of Animals 1879-88; Infected Wiltshire farms
11 Hair Powder Tax Wiltshire; 1796 & 1797
12 Wiltshire Freemason’s List 1799-1900
13 Wiltshire Protestation Returns; 1641-2 & Warminster Tax Records 1648
14 Early Marriage Allegations; Wiltshire, Dorset & Berkshire 1598–1638
15 Wiltshire Quarter Sessions 1747-1757; the missing ten years

Download Specific Description

The transcripts are presented in a public domain format (pdf) file which can be read by the program Adobe Acrobat Reader or any other program that will read pdf files. Searching can be undertaken by using the built in Adobe Reader search facility. Windows users can use bookmarks to drill down to individual index entries or to the nearest year for events in the transcripts. For Apple Mac users the file should open in Preview. Click the View button and select Table of Contents. The ability to print has been disabled but copying has not. As with any transcript users are advised to consult the original material, which is at the Wiltshire and Swindon History Centre. Please inform Wiltshire FHS of any errors or omissions, either by writing to Wiltshire FHS Publications, Unit 3, Bath Road Business Centre, Devizes SN10 1XA or emailing [email protected]



Supplied by: Wiltshire Family History Society

Format: CD-ROM

Product Ref: WIL-CD24