CD 43 General Indexes to Old Ordnance Survey Maps of London


CD 43 General Indexes to Old Ordnance Survey Maps of London (Godfrey Edition). Research in Victorian London very soon gives rise to the question "where is such-and-such a street?". It may be on a modern map, but quite often is not. The re-publication of early Ordnance Survey 1:2500 maps in the reduced scale Godfrey Edition gives the researcher a chance but, even if the street is on the sheet one has purchased, exactly whereabouts is it among the other 150 to 1000 - or more? So, it became apparent that a fresh index would be of considerable help to the long-term Victorian-London researcher. Such an index needs - a) to include every street named on a Godfrey Edition OS map that might have been a habitation, including those that need a magnifying glass to see them, b) to pinpoint directly, every mention of that name on the map, c) to enable a searcher to be confident when concluding that a particular name is not shown on a map, d) to identify immediately the relevant sheet number or numbers, e) to be freely available for researchers to purchase and to use as and when required without needing to visit a record office, f) to be modestly priced.

The INDEXES were originally published in West Surrey FHS’s Research Aid Series in five separate booklets: RA 43 Key to the Index; RA 44 North-East London; RA 45 North-West London; RA 46 South-East & South-West London and RA 47 Surrey Extension (Complete with Surrey Key and Diagram). These 5 booklets have been reproduced on the CD. New March 2015

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